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Fresher Student Graduate Database

Details on former college and university graduates are stored in a database called the Fresher Student Graduate Database. Employers use it to locate possible applicants for available positions. The student’s identity, educational history, contact details, and other related information are all included in the database. It also contains details on the student’s skills, background, and interests. The student can be matched with an ideal job prospect using this data.

What does the Fresher Student Graduate Database contain?

The Fresher Student Graduate Database is a useful database that contains data regarding recent graduates from both universities and colleges. It contains details including the student’s name, contacts, educational history, and professional aspirations. Additionally, it contains details on the student’s job search, including the kinds of jobs they have submitted applications for, the kinds of jobs they are still looking for, and the companies to whom they submitted their resumes. The database also includes details on the student’s academic record, including their GPA, test results, and any awards or honors they may have won.

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