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Quick Search is one of the quickest developing database providers in India. We invest heavily in giving qualified and reasonable data sets of Indian organizations and individuals. The information we give is aggregated from countless dependable sources to guarantee promising outcomes. Other than the business portion and working space, we offer a refined information base according to numerous models. This gives you an edge over your rivals to know your potential possibilities a long time before you settle on your first decision to them.

As a main database selling organizations in India, we don’t simply furnish with information, yet we assist you with changing that information into significant strategies as well. Our information is very much refined and enhanced to suit every one of your necessities.


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A colossal measure of Indian data is possessed by organizations just as private entities. This data is gathered from different hotspots for unmistakable purposes. It is utilized by instructive establishments or medical services habitats. Also, coaching centers and other businesses use it successfully to target Indians.

One-stop solution for all your lead generation needs

Quicksearch is the largest Indian database provider that facilitates advanced, precise, and affordable data solutions. We offer both traditional databases (for lead generation) and digital databases (for sms and digital ads).

Instant customer location information

Quicksearch has access to over 30 million contacts of phone numbers in India, who are ready to receive your message. You can now send SMS to the right person at the right time!

Unparalleled accuracy

We believe in achieving 100% accuracy with all our transactions. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who work towards maintaining the quality of our data.

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Quicksearch offers free trials for new signups! You can easily sign up, or contact us through our website or email if you have any questions.

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Quicksearch is an online Indian database provider for lead generation, telesales, sms, digital ads.

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For over 15 years, Quicksearch has been providing businesses with the best data in their niche. We have over 10+ million records of phone numbers and emails in our databases.

Data-driven marketing to connect with your customers

Quicksearch is a data-driven company that offers conversion-oriented marketing solutions to help you connect with your customers. We are the perfect partner for marketing campaigns in lead generation, telesales, sms marketing or digital advertising.

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