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SMS Marketing

sms marketing

QuickSearch has a unique Bulk SMS Marketing Solution, which can be customized for a large number of applications. The database resides behind a highly secure firewall. The online phonebook can be used to arrange contacts into groups.

Groups ensure that only targeted users receive messages. Existing databases (e.g.in Excel) of mobile phone numbers and personalized messages can be uploaded to the groups created on your account. You can send SMS from a Sender ID up to 6 alphanumeric characters (e.g. Company).

SMS Marketing will give a unique impression of your company and will be useful in creating brand equity for your company. Have you ever felt the need to send SMS to an individual or group from your account at a particular time, but knew that you would not have access to a PC or the Internet at that time? Your only option was to send the SMS out earlier or later than you had wanted to. No longer! With scheduled messaging, you can set messages to go out from minutes into the future to days, to weeks and even years into the future.

Our customers can use our efficient MIS reports to see the Delivery Status of the SMS sent. They can also view what messages have been scheduled to send later. We provide the facility to purchase credits online as well as display the history of credits that you have purchased and used. Avoid running out of credits! Set your Low Credit Level on your user profile and receive alerts when your credits drop below this level.

Salient Traits of QuickSearch SMS Marketing

  • Authentic Customers
  • Driven according to the needs of our clients
  • Lowest Failure ratio

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